City Centre Deira Brings a Family Closer than Ever

Dubai, UAE,

For International Media Review

14 September 2022:

Helping to create memorable moments with loved ones, City Centre Deira – owned and operated by Majid Al Futtaim in the UAE – launched its ‘Closer than Ever’ campaign in July, which allowed customers who couldn’t make it home this summer to send e-cards to family members located anywhere across the world. With over 1,500 visitors participating, City Centre Deira surprised one lucky entrant this month, Cris Gudia by flying his mother 4,482 miles from the Philippines to Dubai.

Reuniting a mother with her son after four years apart, City Centre Deira captured the moment in a heartfelt video to show how important connection is, especially after the distance felt by many due to the pandemic. As a mall that celebrates the community – the latest campaign underscores City Centre Deira’s efforts to build more meaningful connections no matter how near or far.

Fely Gudia flew 4,482 miles to reunite with her son, Cris Gudia in City Centre Deira.

Mother and son reconnecting after four years apart in a touching video for City Centre Deira’s ‘Closer than Ever’ campaign.

Watch the video on YouTube here :

And on Instagram here:


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