Al Nabulsi International DMCC:
Our Vision:
We aim in Al Nabulsi International DMCC – Dubai;
to be the ideal address to provide the best services to the local UAE Authorities and companies and individual groups or clients with the best operational solutions to their events , social activities, And Media solutions advised to decision makers.
We are focusing to assure that our company activities showing the importance of well planning and to be a superior record among similar companies .
Our Team:
Through our highly qualified team, armed with high educations and experience, with the desire to achieve the planned goals based on the highest professional standards.
Our Business :
– Our Strategic Alliances
Our company is planning to have strategic alliances from Dubai Local Authorities such as Dubai Police, Dubai land department, Dubai Media Office, Dubai Press Club, Dubai Culture & Arts Authority and other Local Authorities and companies.
Together with that we aim to build strategic relations with the private companies with similar activities who are more than happy to give us the support and the best professional advice to fulfill our goals and ready to support even in the logistic services.
Most of them are already acting in Dubai Market with long time experience, and some of them are professional individuals who are looking to cooperate and work in the future in our company.
Our Products / Services:

1-Public Relations Management
We at Al Nabulsi International DMCC firm perform as connecting link between commercial entities and the media to introduce and shed light on their activities and achievements as well as promoting corporate image through leaflets, produce information reflecting transparency, establish positive relations with customers by visits and participation in gatherings, enhance their employees sense of belonging.
2- Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives preparation:
We try to activate our vision to keep the society efforts activities providing positive image of the company or voluntary work …
we provide initiatives targeting the Social Responsibility activities such as environmental, cultural, and social or community support projects for companies and local authorities and organisations to adopt and implement, as it would enhance their social responsibilities and activate giving back to community.
This service includes preparation, execution of project such as beach clean, supporting national projects, allowing the establishment to undertake all necessary steps to implement the initiatives following a contract with the sponsor corporate.
3- Events Management
– Providing and getting engaged in managing festivals and events, which involves, studying intricacies of the event, identifying the targeted audience,
– devising the event concept ..
– Then prepare the plans for logistics, and coordinating the technical aspects before executing the modalities of the event.
This service activity applies to a variety of areas, such as, corporate events, marketing programs, concerts, award ceremonies, fashion shows, wedding events and different parties and events.
4- Auction Organizing
We are planing to organize public auctions to sell properties own by individuals or movables items such as Jewelry or Costume Precious, by experienced auctioneers and appraisers, and in specialized galleries or in any place specified by the concerned authority, also, carrying out related procedures, mainly obtaining auction permits, announcements, venue leasing, sorting out sold materials, transfer of ownership and value collection.

5- Media, Information Advertising Agency

By this activity we are planning to introduce the products and services of the clients to the public through creating and placing advertising in different media, including published magazines, newspapers, periodicals, outdoor advertising in billboards, panels and car and bus carding, radio and television advertising and provide this information on the Internet through different social media platforms even in mobile phones advertising solutions.
Our published Magazines and Social Media Sites:

Diana Scoop Magazine :






E Mail:


6- Exhibition Organizing
We are also specialized in organizing commercial exhibitions which are held to promote or activate different product and services at the local or the international levels. It also includes the holding of fairs to boost the local industrial and agricultural products. It moreover includes the holding of other specialized commercial or individual fairs.
• Our Board of Directors:
1- Dr. Mazen Al Nabulsi


Founder CEO and company Managing Director
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2- Mr. Hussam Al Nabulsi

Director of creative operations

3- Mrs. Diana Al Nabulsi
Managing Director

Thank You
With Our Best Regards
Al Nabulsi International DMCC Team

Signing The Company Documents With DMCC Authority Video:

Our Company Presentation Video:

Thank You For Visiting and Connecting with us

•Al Nabulsi International DMCC Team…

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